What is Chi?

The kinetic or electrical energy within the body.

What is Chi Power Training?

Chi Power Training is a method of “Chi Kung”, Qigong, Ki Power or energy work that teaches a systematic approach to increase the internal force, strength, and ability to emit intrinsic chi energy.

What is the scientific fact for this, I’m a little skeptical?

The scientific fact is that our bodies are comprised of an energy system that can be measured in many different ways. Doctors are continually doing research to find more data to support the reality of chi. Asians, especially in China and Japan have been using chi to heal patients for years. It is only in recent years that the western world has become interested in the hows and whys of this somewhat mysterious phenomenon. ( Below you will find some resources that show actual research done by both the East and West in terms of this energy)

Researchers in many different fields have realized the significance of the bodies ability to adapt to different types of stimuli and stress. By putting the body through specific exercises that are designed to build this energy body by increasing the pounds per square inch in the body as well as increasing the size and strength of the individual nerve fibers of the body, thus causing the body to be able to store as well as emit energy.

If this energy is so real, why can’t I see more examples of it?

You can see more of it, by doing the simple exercises that are taught in our courses and following them on a daily basis. You can then prove these things to your self by having first hand knowledge of how these things work. As far as other examples, you don’t have to look very far as there are entire books, videos, reports, documentaries and other works on this powerful energy. The fact is, that if you want to find a reason why this is not real or doesn’t work, you will, and if you look for the possibilities you will find them as well. Do the research, do the work and you will find the reality of “Chi Power Training”.

Do I have to be an athlete or martial artist to do this?

Not at all. Anyone that has the desire to do these workouts and is in relatively good shape can do it. With a little practice you can learn to do all of the exercises and techniques in the program. Furthermore, this program is ideal for men and women and age is not a factor as well.

How can it really be possible to move objects with chi?top

As you build up the internal pressure in your bodies organs, nerves and musculature, you will be able to learn how to emit more powerful chi energy. It is really a matter of practice and focus, and most people could learn to do it with diligent practice.

How will these exercises improve my health?

Health is a multifaceted area of everyone’s life and includes, diet, nutrition, exercise, stress and mental. The benefit of “Chi Power Training” is that by doing the exercises you will be increasing the size and strength of your entire internal body as well as the circulation that is necessary for health. These execises, which include deep breathing will help to remove harmful toxins that can build up in the body. The Chinese have been doing Chi Kung and Tai Chi for hundreds of years and despite a lack of the convienences of our society have an excellent record of old age.

How long will it take me to start to see benefits Chi Power Training?

That depends on several factors. One is your health. If you are young and in good health, this type of training should start to work fairly rapidly. If you are not in as good as health it may take longer to start to feel the benefits. Most younger people have better circulation and can feel the energy better than individuals that may have been abusing their body for a long time. There are also individuals that have a pre-disposition for this type of training and can already show signs of having good internal energy. This would probably be 1-3% of the population or less. All things being equal, to be able to do significant types of techniques could require a 2-5 year investment of time.

What type of actual time commitment will the Chi Power Training take?

The basic training should take anywhere from 20-30 minutes per session. With the advanced training, it is not uncommon for some practitioners to practice several hours per day.

What is the ultimate goal of Chi Power Training?

In our mind and most people that train with this method, it is to put the body in the best possible internal shape that we can, and extend our overall health. For others it could be to see how far we can take our body. How much can we develop our body so that we will become a higher functioning human being. The capacity of the body is a lot bigger than any of us know of. The main goal should be to stretch you mind and develop your body to the maximum of your God given talents and abilities.

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