Intro to The System

Introduction to the  Mind Force & Quantum Qigong Total System 2.0

The Methods You will learn are extremely powerful. However, we do suggest you use these strategies only to benefit other people. You can be held accountable in a court of law if you were to use these techniques to manipulate someone in the wrong way. These methods are taught for information purposes only and we will not be held responsible for your misuse of these potent methods of Quantum Qigong or chi power development.

Video #1- Intro to The System

Boot Camp Itinerary

To kick off this Boot Camp, the first step is to watch the first day (30 min) video  of “The Four Questions”.  This video will lay the groundwork for you to understand why you might want to do this type of training. If you haven’t signed up for the complete FREE BOOT CAMP, simply fill out the form with your name and primary email address and you will get immediate access to all the training.

The Boot Camp is designed to give you a feel for this type of training even if you have never done any type of Qigong or esoteric training before. When you are done, you will have a very good understand of this training, and you will know if you want to continue with our Monthly membership or one of our product sets (all mentioned in the seminar as a way for you to know).

The Boot Camp is actual training, so don’t think this is just a marketing ploy to get you to buy something. We only want the real serious students joining our program and this is a way to weed out those who are just looking for some information. We will provide that information, and if you are serious, you can then take the next step of joining our system.

Directly below is how the next several days of training is broken up

Mind Force & Quantum Qigong Boot Camp

Here is a sampling of what you will learn in this totally hands on Boot Camp.

  • Intro & Pathway Seminar Part 1
  • Pathway Seminar Part 2
  • Pathway Seminar Part 3 (Conclusion)
  • The Pathway Manifesto Document (PDF Download)
  • Physical Training Part 1- Blood Washing
  • Physical Training Part 2- Standing Meditation
  • Physical Training Part 3- Qi Infusion Technique
  • Mental Training- Combining both Physical & Mental Qi
  • Spiritual Training Part 1-What is Enlightenment
  • Spiritual Training Part 2- Spiritual Meditation
  • Spiritual Training Part 3- Kundalini
  • Spiritual Training Part 4- Opening The Third Eye
  • Spiritual Training Part 5- Astral Projection & OBE
  • Spiritual Training Part 6- Psychic Eyes & Remote Viewing
  • Spiritual Training Part 7- Lucid Dreaming
  • Spirtual Training Part 8- Spiritual Entities
  • Quantum Qigong Alchemy Webinar

Below are additional videos you can view that will cover more information on the formation of the system.

Video #2- How I Got Started With Esoteric Training

Video #3- What Makes This Different From Other Methods of Energy Training?

Video #4- Physical, Mental & Spiritual Training

Video #5- What Kind of Skills Should You Have After The First 12 Modules of Training?

Video #6- How Do You Get Started?

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The Mind Force & Quantum Qigong Total System 2.0 Has Covered All The Bases…

If you are a Holistic Energy Student or Work, Qigong Practitioner or teacher, Reiki Master, Hypnotist, Mentalist, Psychic or just a sensitive individual who wants to maximize their skills, then this could be just what you’ve been seeking…

Many of our students came to us with a goal in mind…

To learn high level energy methods that work!

Our students learn how to heal themselves and others with our unique and powerful methods.

You will learn how to create amazing health, and the ability to turn back the hands of time with our energizing and age enhancement exercises.

If you have any questions about The Total System 2.0, call us at 609-638-8850 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday, or contact our Support Desk By Clicking Here

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