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These case studies, comments and testimonials were sent in by individuals who have been through the program. They have not been compensated for these comments and they are in their own words.

Words From a Professional in The Self Help Industry

my name is Ilias “Lewi” Glenis and I’m the owner of MyMonkBuddy.com, and the creator of ParallaxMind™ Audio Technology, and the Shinka Guided Meditation System™–currently being used by thousands of people in over 42 countries world-wide.

I became aware of Al’s work with the Mind Force Syndicate a few months back, and have been getting to know him on a personal level, and have also been using his products including the Mind Force Syndicate and Chi Power Inner Circle membership communities.

I offered to write this objective review for Al, because I felt compelled to share with his readers how well thought out the Mind Force Syndicate membership communities really function. [Especially all the training on mental cognition and mind development that truly delivers as far as I’m concerned.]

In my field of work, I function as a certified hypno-therapist, neuro-linguistic practitioner, neuro-researcher, sound and music therapist, hearing and speech pathologist, recording artist and audio engineer, and guided meditation teacher practicing in the State of Nevada, U.S.A. for well over 30 years now and counting. So I know what I’m talking about in my line of work, and believe I’m highly qualified to offer such a subjective review.

What I’ve observed in the aforementioned fields of study, is that its difficult to find practitioners, business owners, and product developers on the Internet who really know and believe in what they’re teaching, aren’t hiding behind a computer somewhere making outlandish claims in the realms of meta-physics, aren’t distributing over-the-top “woo-woo” belief systems, or promising pie in the sky self-help theories that simply don’t work when it comes to effective personal growth including emotional, mental, and spiritual development.

Yet, I didn’t find any of those less than desired qualities, or lack there of, in any of Al’s online membership communities.

(firstname), in my review of the Mind Force Syndicate and Chi Power Inner Circle membership communities over the past two weeks, I observed the following finer points of what I feel offers true value to its members…

1) Longevity and long term value for one’s investment.

2) Course material that truly delivers in each esoteric field of study.

3) Highly effective learning resources that reflect more than one approach to learning each subject delivered in video, audio, and written documentation formats. This is beneficial to those who learn via different modalities whether it be visual, aural, or kinesthetic, etc.

4) Personalized learning modules where you get to know Al and not just fend for yourself with some documents and videos, trying to figure out what to do with them, and what direction to take. He does an excellent job of training and guiding one through ALL of the course material. He’s actually a really cool guy, and a pleasure to watch and listen to.

5) I’m very impressed with what Al has been able to accomplish with his membership communities. Which to me reflects the potential of one’s personal power, which is a lot of what he teaches others–how to advance one’s self so that they can tap into and unleash their own personal power to move towards their life’s dreams.

6) The coursework is downloadable for future reference. This one works well for me, because I can listen to the .mp3s, watch the videos, or download the .pdfs on my iPhone and study them whenever I want to.

7) Establishes a community spirit and feel with the opportunity to advance to higher levels of cognitive development, mind training, and soul integration. (What I’d like to see here is more activity in a forum type environment, to allow all the members to interact with one another). Al, add a forum.

8) Certification for completing the coursework, that serves as an investment to further one’s education. Prediction: I foresee the Mind Force Syndicate community and certification program qualifying for post-secondary education accreditation in the near future, and that those who’ve already completed the 12 months of coursework material, will be positioned to “step into” obtaining post-secondary education certification for their efforts.

9) The most important aspect of the new Mind Force Syndicate special about to be released in a few days, is that Al is combing ALL of his membership communities into one mega-membership portal, so there’s a lot more information and training than any one person could possibly master in their lifetime. A lot of the training I discovered in there, I wasn’t even aware of myself, and I’ve been involved in these areas of study for over 30 years. I’m learning a lot, and excited about sharing what I’ve learned with my own clients. This also gives me the assurance that my investment will retain lifetime value, (which is important to me for joining any membership site).

To give you an example, recently I began a 7-day free trial to a stock video membership site, which enabled me to download 20 video clips a day for free for 7 days. However, once the 7 days were up, I didn’t see the point in remaining a member, because I had already downloaded the majority of the “good stuff” that was in there. So I canceled. I didn’t find that scenario in the Mind Force Syndicate membership however. I really believe Al over-delivers and does so for at least the first 12 months, and when we talked, he told me that he’s going to keep adding new content and training modules.

And you might be wondering… “Was there any thing you didn’t like about it Ilias?” Well yes, the only downside I experienced, was that the server was running a little slow, and sometimes it took a while to access some of the training modules. It may be because there were a lot of people drawing on the server, but that issue can be remedied easily enough… Al, get a faster server!

Overall, I believe the new membership site currently offers real long-term value to legitimately be called a membership site, and will retain a great deal of value to the end user, as more content is introduced over time. Especially since he’s combining all of his programs into one colossal membership portal. To me, this is vital in making a decision to want to join a membership site, and I believe Al has put together a very resourceful membership package for his members, who sincerely want to advance their own human cognitive development. In my humble opinion, increasing one’s awareness and evolving to the next level of human cognition is the “master secret” for dramatically improving one’s life.

And as I mentioned above, I strongly feel that the Mind Force Syndicate is in a position to qualify for post-secondary accreditation status in the near future. Which is something to think about as one who completes the 12 months of course material. As a result, it will profit anyone who moves towards their goals, and at the same time add another certification in meta-physics under their belt.

As a new member, and a fellow professional in these related fields of study, I give the Mind Force Syndicate and Chi Power Inner Circle communities 5 out of stars, (with the exception that Al gets a faster server).

(firstname), thank you for taking the time to read my review, and may you be so very blessed in 2011 and beyond.

Ilias “Lewi” Glenis – Director
Solexus Health Systems

Advanced Reiki Healer Shares His Insights and Experience on The “TOTAL SYSTEM” & Chi Power Training System.

My name is Justin Dean. I am a 26 year old American working and living in Cebu, Philippines. I have been involved in the SPC-USA chi training program for about 6 months. I have been a part of the “TOTAL SYSTEM” program for 5 months. I just want to say the training has been nothing short of a success. To get started I would like to share with you a little bit about myself and my background in chi and martial arts.

I have been a part of the wonderful world of chi for about 4 years now. I was introduced to the phenomena when I purchased a pocket sized book on tai chi. The book explained the sensations of chi meditation and taught different breathing methods very common to the practice of Qi Gong. I began to experiment with meditation and the very complex and difficult breathing techniques therein.

A strange thing happened one night. I was performing a standing breathing technique that involved the rising and falling of the breath coupled with the actions of the arms moving up and down which is commonly referred to as the opening and closing stance in the art of tai chi. Something unique happened.

My body experienced strange feelings like numbness and weightlessness. I felt as though I could breathe fire. Time seemed to slow down. Let me tell you, in that moment that I discovered chi, I was instantly addicted. I had to know more. So I, like many others before me, became a information junkie on the subject. I had to know everything. I must have read hundreds of books on different methods and applied them to the physical practice.

I spent countless hours in isolated meditation practicing and contemplating these complex and confusing riddles of chi. Ranging from the Japanese methods of ki to the Chinese methods of chi, all the way on down to the teachings of prana in India and even to the native American teachings of the way of the Shaman.

Sifting through thousands of years of literature like flour pouring through a sieve. Balancing hundreds of exotic terms in my ridiculous attempt to solve the hidden mysteries of chi. It left me befuddled and jam-packed with a boundless knowledge on the subject and I hadn’t really gotten anywhere.

I knew then the research must come to an end. Now is the time to find teachers of the various arts and discover the hidden secrets. Just about that time, as the nature of chi would have it, A Reiki master had been put in my path. For those of you unfamiliar with the art I will sum it up briefly. It takes it’s roots in Japan. It’s a technique of hands on energy therapy commonly used to relax the body. It is used on all the levels. The physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. I trained under my teacher in that method for one year. Bringing me up to the so-called master level.

Through my master and her master I learned the full art of Reiki and shaman healing practices. It really gave me a great knowledge in chi and the healing application. I became quite good at healing. I could take aches and pains away with no problem. Introduce people to the energy so they could physically feel it. Showing them that the energy is everywhere and it can transcend time and space like healing without touching and sending messages and good feelings over great distances.

To me these were amazing and wonderful feats. But when my teachers taught me everything they knew I was a bit disappointed. I wanted to know more. There had to be more. I had so many questions they could not answer. So I decided to leave my master and seek others. I trained with a German master of the Japanese art Jin Shin Jyutsu. I advanced my knowledge in acupressure which was an amazing experience. I also started to train in the art of Taiji Quan hoping to understand more application of chi. I would train with my new master and my energy was stronger than his.

I couldn’t believe it!

I haven’t been training in this for very long. How could this be. So I began jumping from school to school in hopes of finding someone who knew more than I was taught and had discovered with spending time with chi. I would like to pause for a moment and explain that chi is a strange and wonderful phenomena. It will train you to an extent. The chi has a wonderful ability to reveal things to you.

My quest for a quality teacher took me over great distances. I moved several times just to attend schools I felt would help me. I began studying the art of Yoga in the Virgin Islands located in the Caribbean. This expanded my knowledge to an extent but couldn’t help me build up my energy. I was stuck. My training had leveled out and I wasn’t getting any better. I told you that the energy will train you but it is an incredibly slow process.

A lifetime of meditation would not advance you very far without guidance. So I moved to the far and cold lands of Alaska. I began studying Qi Gong. I attended many martial art schools in tai chi and kung fu, i.e. northern style Tanglang Quan and the southern style of Sansou. None could teach me the art of applying chi in self defense or further advance my healing capabilities.

Although I did learn many physical applications of self defense. In Qi Gong school I learned the five elements theory and practice and all the technical terms that go along with that.Took all the exams and went through the motions. I learned even more postures and complex breathing techniques than I knew what to do with. Mostly involving hard breaths which I never really enjoyed. After learning all the technical information I began the direct training under the that particular schools Qi Gong master.

Again I encountered the same problem.

When it came to the energy, he could not teach me more than I already knew. Sure he knew all the terms and postures and breathing methods. He had all the plaques and degrees and articles written about him and his practice. But when it came down to building the energy he just could not advance me further than I was. What is the use of all this knowledge when you cant manifest the ancient art of chi.

I was really disheartened. I began researching schools in other countries. I even contemplated just traveling to China on a quest to find some great chi master and beg to be taught.

Then I came across Chi Power Training…

At first I thought, oh great here is another one of those sites claiming to know how to develop chi power and I will have to spend a bunch more money on information and new techniques that won’t advance my own personal energy development. I wrestled with the idea and researched the site.

I must have read it a hundred times. I visited the blogs and read the articles. Investigated the products and listened to the mp3’s. I had also thoroughly researched another site which seemed promising but was 20 times more expensive. In my quest for Qi it all came down to a decision. Which training program shall I choose.

I meditated on it for a while and went with my intuition and chose Chi Power. I tried to order the training materials and had no success. So I called Sifu Perhacs and he fixed the glitch so I could order it. It was really our brief conversation that got me. It lasted maybe a minute but he sounded like a really positive and happy guy with a great attitude and a good feeling energy.

So I had done it. I ordered and couldn’t wait for the program to come in the mail. When It finally came I was so excited. I couldn’t wait to get started. I read through all the material and listened to the CD’s and started on the advanced DVD #1. At this point I have already been a chi guy for quite some time.

I could feel the energy already and was very sensitive to it. I performed the DVD #1 training and after the first time I knew it was for real. Now keep in mind at this point I had 3 years of chi training under different methods. Like I said I know energy. I could physically feel the difference after one try! It was awesome! I thought, wow, these guys are really onto something and I wasn’t even in the “TOTAL SYSTEM”! Then they opened it up and I knew I had to be a part of it. If the advanced DVD #1 worked so well for me I had to get in and get my questions answered and I could only imagine where they could take me.

Now I have been in the “TOTAL SYSTEM” for 5 months. I can tell you from experience, only because of my consistent training, my personal energy has well over doubled in intensity, strength and sensitivity. I never even thought that chi could feel the way that I am experiencing it right now. And it gets better and better every month.

And not only that they teach you all kinds of great methods and practical uses of chi manipulation that really work. I kind of envy all those guys and gals who are just getting started into chi power because if you put the effort into it then imagine where you can be in 6 months, a year, even 4 years. You would be way better than I am at this stuff. If I found this program when I got started 4 years ago, I would be really good. You know what, better than good.

But I am more than satisfied with my training and one of the best things about the program is that they answer all of your questions. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is and how long it holds you back when you can’t get the answers you need to progress. And even better they know the answers because they have lived and experienced what we “rookies” are going through. They know exactly where we are in our training based on our questions and they can guide us through to give us the best and most successful experience. They take us through step by step and its so easy even a child could do it. In the 5 months of training with them in the advanced concepts and refinement of my exercises, I have advanced farther than three years of training.

There are no complex breathing methods that will do nothing but distract you from getting results. You just breathe naturally allowing you to focus on what they are teaching you to get good quick. No hidden meanings that take years to decipher and break the codes. No confusing words. Simple, effective and fun training. Its about having a good time and seeing results. It makes you feel so good about everything. It’s no wonder Sifu Perhacs sounded so happy on the phone.

This guy has been doing this for years. I can guarantee you from my personal experience that if you put in the time and do the enjoyable work you will see amazing results like I have. But like all things don’t take my word for it. Try it yourself.

Experience it yourself. Live it for yourself. Welcome to a world that will open your eyes to new amazing possibilities and sensations you thought were never possible that will help you in the every day to day living stresses of the vicissitudes of this thing we call life.

Justin Dean

She Has Her Own Healing Enterprise
Listen to this unique interview with Tamra. She is a healer and has used our system to assist in both her business and personal life.

He Has Trained With Many High Level Masters

For any serious inner energy cultivator/practitioner, The Total System is the real deal! I have studied with Indonesian Tenaga Dalam (Inner Energy) masters for five years and by far The Total System training methods have provided me the missing key that I was looking for.

The techniques given seem “simple” at first glance, but sure deliver! Sifu Jones & Sifu Perhacs definitely know what they are doing. They provide a safe way to increase one’s energy without the dangerous side effects associated with energy cultivation. I have seen and felt the energy increase in my own training to validate their program.

In my past training, I have experienced many different kinds of techniques and these methods are so efficient that I can practice anywhere and on the go. As for starters, the methods are practical and so useful that they benefit one’s health and vitality right away.

Also, the knowledge included in the courses is so valuable for any serious student of the arts to not pass up. To reinstate again, everything that they offer is really true! A true gem especially in the midst of so many so called energy programs and you don’t have even leave for a foreign country to study.

-Farid, Greenwood Village, CO, USA & Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

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