Launch 4-Spiritual Training Exercises

Spiritual Training

This section is broken into several videos, so you can get through them quickly. Since the Spiritual Training Exercises contains a lot of pieces I thought this would be easier to digest than one big video.

Video #1- Intro to Spiritual Training

Video #2- What Is Enlightenment?

Video #3- Spiritual Meditation

Video #4- Kundalini

Video #5- Opening The Third Eye

Video #6- Astral Projection & OBE

Video #7- Psychic Eyes & Remote Viewing

Video #8- Lucid Dreaming

Video #9- Spiritual Entities

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  1. I Want More

  2. Florence

    Thank you for your training videos. I have learnt so much and I certainly look at things in a different perspective. Boy I am ready to know more and I look forward to your next training session.
    God bless you.

  3. Awesome Al, I loved it. I appreciate what you had to say in the intro. concerning spirit and how many people are out of touch or unaware of spirit in relation to mind and body. In reality, the body follows the mind, and the mind follows spirit, yet many human beings believe its the other way around or doubt in the existence of spirit at all.

    I believe that our spirit actually manifests BEFORE mind or body, which in turn creates the world around us, and our spirit always knows what is true. But like you said the body, or the “flesh” as many Christians put it, wants to be in control and to seek out desires of the flesh that may be in contrast to the truth the spirit desires to live through us. Hence we become disconnected from spirit, or end up doing things that aren’t good for us like eating too much chocolate cake! Mmmm, cake. lol

  4. Michael


    Thank you for your videos. I am touched by your sincerity and willingness to share great information to help raise all of our vibrations and help us live a better and happier life. I am just starting to listen to your videos, and I very much appreciate the opportunity to learn and see more.



  5. hussein

    thank you for these videos,but it should be with practice show and also write for people who they have not English native language like me,third you did not talk about benefits and side affect for exp ml opening third eyes,I am scared about opening third eye like I hear that will be scaring for me and maybe the spiritual will come to heat me or disturb my life,please explain theses things
    best regards

  6. Garrett Rudd

    Hey man I watch your videos and that is some pretty awesome stuff you’ve got goin. I am a follower of Jesus also and just within the past few months he has started opening a lot of this stuff up to me and like you if my church new about some of the stuff He has been teaching me i don’t know what they would want me there but. I’m coming to realize is specifically that this is more of a reality than what we see with our eyes and touch with our hand. And alot of this stuff that you are talking about is in Bible scripture you just have to know what you are looking for. I would really like to take some of your classes but financially not doin so hot I’m working on how try to create a money flow but haven’t gained that understanding yet. But hey man keep doin what your doin and thank you for your insights they are excellent. May the Lord bless you and keep you and make his countenance shine upon you my friend.

  7. r.m

    could you show us some of the stuff that you can do?

  8. r.m

    can you tell how to do a chi-ball and what we can do with it?

  9. Jake

    Very interesting stuff you have here. I first contacted you because I had a heart attack and died while driving to work. I woke up in a cornfield several minutes later. When I woke up I really woke up. I could see and hear things I couldn’t before. I spent lots of time researching occult information to try and explain what had happened to me. I started to see what looked like grey smoke coming off my body. I could repell things with that smoke. I could extend that smoke out and touch others and they would notice. After reading a very good book on energy manipulation written by someone with experience with Qigong and Reiki I decided that I must be seeing my chi. I also noticed that I could see the disembodied and that most of them feared me for some reason. I am sure there is more for me to learn with the energy manipulation. I started reading books on astral projection and found that it was easy for me and my abilities grew. I have often wondered if what happened to me is common with other folks.

  10. Laurie Harloff

    I have often in my life felt like an angle thrown from heaven dressed in white thrown in mudd. I have always seen or felt things profondly and overwhelmingly. I felt so much energy bad or good I just had to learn to protect myself from pertectcularly the neg. I work as an healer {massage therapest} and had been litterally wiped out for days by some clients. I am so hungry for more information so I can be better at what I do and become more meanmingfull in my life for myself and others.I hunger for balance and completeness.I feel joy with the upcoming understanding I just know I well find. I want to make a difference in my world.