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Quantum Qigong: “The Mother Triad”



All these information are taken from the new book of Sifu Al Perhacs, THE MIND FORCE QUANTUM QIGONG SYSTEM.

Quantum Qigong System deals with both physical and mental training that will enable anyone to get the energy for health, development and other purposes.

The Mother Triad

The triangle or pyramid is one of the most interesting and strongest shapes designed since the way angles are set up, they are all the exact same size and makes it very strong so the triangle is strong, the pyramid’s very strong, according to Sifu Perhacs.



This is why he compared the quantum qigong system training to a ‘triad’ or ‘pyramid’. Meaning, there are three major parts and summit in the training.

Just as like the historical pyramids in the world, this ‘triad’ also comprises mystery and strength. Why? The training in Sifu Perhacs’s developed system deals with some types of esoteric knowledge. After the training, the student is then expected and is, getting the energy and ability from the qi energy.

The Three Components of the Mother Triad

This mother triad has three components: mind force, body force, and spirit force.

Mind force is the dominant mental force that lies within yourself waiting t be unleashed for multiple purposes. It can be the strength of your mind, your ability to attract and influence others, or your confidence in dealing with everything. It can also be your ability to heal because of the emanating strong power within you.

Dealing with mind force means conceiving in yourself that you are having a powerful mind.

One best comparison to your mind is to think this like a computer. Just as how we know how powerful a computer is, our mind, too, is capable of doing powerful things and abilities. However, to be able the computer creates powerful output, effective software and tools are needed.

Our mind too! We can develop and enhance our mind to the best of its ability by using the most effective tools and procedures. And that’s what you can find in our Quantum Qigong system. Our training will help you strengthen your mind in various perspectives. By using powerful subliminal affirmations or autosuggestions, you will be sure to develop mind power. And more to that, you can even learn to develop mind power even while you’re sleeping!

The next one is the body force. Obviously, this is the physical aspect of the training. This is the part of the training which focuses to get physical results.

This is not gonna be something that is just perceived but something that actually can be realized. So the next piece of body force is creating a powerful energy systems which inside the body. This is about developing more energy for vitality, athletics and other physical-related purposes.

The third part is the spirit force. People often deemed spirit force as an imaginary entity. In this training, you will be enlightened on what spirit force really is and how you can develop and strengthen your spiritual force.

With all these three forces, it is but an amazing fact that you can have a very powerful triad – all with powerful energies in all aspects of your life. You can then meet countless opportunities and boundless chances for success and vitality. This is really amazing!

Quantum Healing

Quantum healing refers to the method of using qi to give healing effects to yourself and for others.

So, let’s talk a little bit about some things that you may have heard in other qigong programs that you may not hear as much from your perspective.

All these you can achieve when you grasp the concept of the triad, and started to comprehend the importance of developing the three pieces of the triad.

The mind, the body and the spirit – all three powerful forces in all areas of life.

So, what are you waiting for? Start training now and create powerful energies! See you soon!

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