Day #6- Physical Exercises- Quantum Qigong Standing Meditation

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Dynamic Quantum Qigong Physical Energetics Training

The Methods You will learn are extremely powerful. However, we do suggest you use these strategies only to benefit other people. You can be held accountable in a court of law if you were to use these techniques to manipulate someone in the wrong way. These methods are taught for information purposes only and we will not be held responsible for your misuse of these potent methods of Quantum Qigong or chi power development.

Video #3- Qigong Standing Meditation

Qigong Standing Meditation is a staple in a lot of qigong programs. The problem with many Qigong Standing Meditation exercises taught in other systems is their emphasis on things that don’t matter. As was mentioned in the seminar, one of the most important concepts taught in the Quantum Qigong system is to “Use What Works” and to discard that which doesn’t.

In this basic Qigong Standing Meditation, you will learn the basic concepts and how you can get the most amount of benefits from this exercise. You will learn how long to stand to get the most effective amount of energy increase over time.

The key is all about your breathing and flow patterns and how you are getting your energy to flow in your body through a strenuous exercise like standing in one position for extended periods of time.


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  1. Paul

    Hello Mr. Perhacs. I just want to say thank you for the videos on blood washing and standing meditation, the energy I have with these exercises is just outstanding, again thank you sir.