Day #2-Quantum Qigong Pathway Seminar Part 2

Seminar Part 1

Quantum Qigong Pathway Seminar Part 2

If you want to discover the specific Qigong Exercise that has changed the lives of thousands of people, then this video is for you… You will also learn how this specific Quantum Qigong Exercise can empower your life in all aspects. Many of the questions that were sent in are answered in this video including Telekinesis or moving of objects, Healing, Levitation, The Laws of Attraction and other unique topics.

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  1. Paul

    Hello Sir how are you doing. I want to thank you for all the great information I am receiving it is truly an excellent start, I plan on picking up your Chi Power Plus and Qigong manual. One of my emails I received from you, you asked what I would like to see or learn about. One aspect I can think of is control of emotions. Thank you sincerely Paul.