Launch 3-Mental Training Exercises

Manifestation Acceleration Instructions

The following Audio File will take you through this short demonstration of how to combine the physical Qi energy with your mental Qi energy.

Even though this mental training exercise is only a few minutes long, it will instill in you how effective this type of training can be.

Once you go through this several times, you can actually memorize the steps and then apply it even if you are not listening to the audio track.

This is how you begin the process of control that so many talk about, and yet few know how to do…

“The Journey of One Thousand Miles, Begins With a Single Step…This is Your First Step to Manifestation Acceleration”
Ancient Chinese Proverb
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  1. Tim

    I am very Impressed with Your Attitude!
    Thank you very much

  2. sharon

    do you have cds that u can listen to on a cd player

  3. Sifu……… need to quit. I mean just stop! I didn’t buy anything yet man! I do have a question though?
    I’ve been trying to earn a living, with this online business stuff, for 5 years now. Haven’t made a dime! But, do to my Marine Corps. training, I refuse to give up. Everyones telling me to quit, go get a job, get off dis-ability…yada, yada, yada. Man I want to prove them wrong. I want to be able to walk away, with all of them asking, “Can I go with you?” and say, “Walk your own path, I walked mine and you laughed and scorned me, HELL NO!”.
    On the first or second video, you said something that caught my attention, that word you said really hit me upside the head. You said DESIRE. That word sent my head, my mind, to another plain of thought Sifu. I want to manifest my DESIRES. You are going to help me do that right?

  4. Gregs

    It’s now or never, Hope this works!

  5. Laurie Harloff

    Looking foward to a transformed life with a healthy Qi that is good for myself and others that attracts good things into my life.Great I love it I can hardly wait to become a stronger healthyer me that can make a difference in my world.My biggest enemy is negetivity but with the balon excercAl ise i will overcome this beast. Thank you Thank you I cant say it anough my gratitude is never ending with your shared wisdom