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  1. walter

    i would love to be apart of this program, only i will have to get them later as i am not working rite now. i got your mind force set in pdf, hypnosis, mind portal. and i am starting to put some of the skills into action, i do have a question, i downloaded audacity but can’t get lame to work so that i can put it on my ipod so i bought a small recording device and using that. I really want the chi power program i bought it back in the 80’s but i am missing alot of it problem is i just cant afford it rite now, i also bought think and grow rich, and the master key system and been putting those principles into my life. i still find it hard to put it into progress due to having negativity in my life, i stopped watching the new as i agree it is very depressing, although i found myself watching the natural diaster that just happen in Japan. as the kids and wife are so fixated on it, i actually told them its to depressing to watch it, and decided to watch dora the explore, mickey mouse and handy manny with my 2 1/2 yr old instead. but then caught my self looking at it on yahoo. if you could reply to this or send my a private email that would be awesome. I totally believe in your system and when i can afford to keep it up and going i intend to. i am more interested in the health benifits and healng methods from your training. thanks again walter.

  2. Nagaraj

    Good Morning

    Myself Nagaraj Hullur from Bangalore (INDIA)

    I’m very keen to know more about this THE CHI POWER…….and I want to purchage this MIND FORCE MASTER SYSTEM MANUAL.
    Kinldy let me know how to approach….Is it your office is there in INDIA, if yes let me know the details.

  3. hi i have got the pressure point charts and some mindforce secrets books so dont need every thing and want somer hard coverbooks

  4. awesome stuff

  5. simon faulkner

    Hi -Sifu Perhacs,…….Sy faulkner here!…. your video’s are smooth, informative, and very appealing!…. I will be buying the The Chi Power Library of Esoteric Manuals! for sure! …I have wanted advanced chi power for a while now!….. I was wondering though….. you sent me an email, offering all three manuals for….. $49.97…… Would it be at all possible for this great offer to still be their for me, if i order this coming …..thursday 14 april?….. I was unable to purcase on that day, as my money not go in bank till this thursday!….Great work!….. great systems! …. thanks -Sifu Perhacs!

  6. astral projection

    i want to travel astraly quickly

  7. i want learn how to waterbend with your chi

  8. Wilfred Stanley

    I am already running an training academy in India. Would like to know more about chi-power & would like to teach people. What are your thoughts on it. I am a Mind Power & Life Coach. Please visit my testimonies at RapidMindPower.com.

  9. Martha Dalrymple (Marti)

    Wow! I am blown away! The amount of information here is amazing. I have signed up for boot camp and I am looking to get started learning. I am 49 years old and want to gain mastery over myself and my life. I have signed up for the boot camp. I want it now. I am willing to invest the time it is going to take to view and learn the material offered and to do the exercises. I would like to exchange some bad habits for good ones as well. I believe you mentioned some tests or rather ways of knowing if i have mastered the material. Thank you for offering this at no cost for me at this time. I am new at a lot of this and some I have just read about. I hope I have answered the four questions to your satisfaction. I am looking forward to this experience.

  10. Mike

    Hi -Sifu Perhacs,
    Thank you for the videos you’ve send me, you showed me how to properly use chi training techniques very well, and i think i can feel chi just a little bit, it feels like a cool spin of wind to me. I just got to see the videos recently because i didn’t have enough time, but eventually I will, my last questions to you is about OBE/Lucid Dreaming/Astral Projection, I wanted to increase my chi so I can spiritually be much stronger and if my spiritual strength is good, I hopefully won’t die unconscious.

    And my other question is about what got my attention to your product, it is kind of my spiritual wish and I hope you can kindly please let me know if you guarantee these statements below:

    *****Chi Breathing, Organ Balancing, Lying Down Meditation, Seeing through the 3rd eye, How to control animals with chi, How to move objects with chi, Gain speed faster than a cat, Controlling Time, Select Breaking, Put out a candle with your eyes only, Increased Focus, Health, Sensitivity and Awareness*****

    If you can at least teach me just one of the techniques above, I will be very humble.

    The reason I would like to know these, is because I don’t really have enough money to go to the country of origins of these sacred spiritual secrets, I thought if I must know how to do it best, I would have to go to the far east where it all started in ancient times, that’s why the west is so blind, please say I’m wrong and I could master the chi techniques even here in America, that would be my dream since I’m not in so such success in my life right now and I’m very weak and not good in any martial art, I thought maybe I could be spiritually strong? But If not guarantee, I understand, please give me a feedback, thank you Sifu Perhacs

  11. James

    What present programs are being offered? I’ve been introduced to sifu jones, perhacs and others but am not sure which system is appropriate or what programs are still really up to date, inner circle, closed door, quantum qigong?
    Thank you

  12. Dannie lee

    Drills for Chi knockouts